Scribbling of HORIKITA Maki Usagi in HigashiKurume City, Tokyo, the stage of "Higashi-no Kurume-to Tonari-no Meguru" (Sep. 18, 2016)

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Here in Japan the three days between yesterday and tomorrow are three holidays, two of a series of weekend days and a national holiday.

Unfortunately, it is reported that it will have been bad weather for the three days in the City of Saitama, the residence of Producer of Marguerite Site.

But the morning of yesterday was not so bad weather, so Producer went out to HigashiKurume City, Tokyo Metropolis, the stage of "Higashi-no Kurume-to Tonari-no Meguru" (東のくるめと、隣のめぐる), a manga.

Here is an illustration of

  • HORIKITA Maki Usagi, a rabbit woman student with origin in HORIKITA Maki-chan, one of Japan's most popular young actresses and Producer's mai waifu,

one of Producer's original featured characters at a place of HigashiKurume City, Tokyo, Japan, in September.

An image of HORIKITA Maki Usagi & Chihirochan, SATO Chihiro.

Most of leaves of cherry at the place have fallen when Producer came to the place.